how can i start drawing in toon boom ? and must i draw with my hands ? i didnot do any thing until now ?help ?< please .

you must select any frame in the exposure sheet (vertical columns to the right) and then select the drawing tool from the tool palette (vertical column to the left) either a pencil or a brush.
then you can start drawing, either with a mouse or with a wacom pen on a tablet (or directly on the tablet-pc screen).

i prefer personally to draw with the hands, but one can try with the feet or with the mouth, too ;D

there is a possibility to import images, when you right-click on one frame in the exposure sheet and select: import and vectorize bitmap drawings. this is for a drawing element, where you store your vector drawings. the vector drawings are editable in tbs.

when you import into an image element, you import bitmaps from any file or from the twain-scanner, then the drawings are not being vectorized and you can have them only as backgrounds.

They don’t only have to be backgrounds, I just imported an image with an alpha channel, attached it to a peg and animated it in the foreground. i.e. you could, if you wanted to, do all your animation in a bitmap program and composite those bitmaps in Toon Boom.

Maybe more practically, you could use bitmap images as foreground layer elements (in front of your characters), special effects or whatever.

sure, but i didn’t want my answer to be too complicated.

addressing a bitmap as a background i mean the last viewing layer.
then one uses many smaller, animated bitmap images in front of, or instead of this ‘layer’, one can address them as animatable objects, that’s true.

using an alpha channel with the bitmaps adds an additional layer, too. but these images can’t get edited themselves.