when creating an image i used a black colour to out line it (or draw it), then

i color,ed it in. the black outline around the image turn,ed out to be to large.

how can i decrease the outline to a smaller outline ,instead of redrawing my

image. i,m using an animate 2 program. thank you

Did you use the pencil tool or the brush tool to create your line?

If you used the pencil tool, it’s really easy, simply select all your strokes then you can go into the tool properties of the select tool and decrease the pen size.

If you used the brush, then you’re going to have a bit of a harder time. You can try to use the Contour editor to pull the points in, but if you have a lot of points it could take a long time. You could try to smooth the line out and then move the points with the contour editor - but smoothing could change the contour of the line a bit.

Something else that you could do is try to do a convert from brush to pencil. You’ll have to delete your fills first then come back and paint them again. Be aware that the computation from brush to pencil won’t give you a result that looks exactly the same as your source brush drawing, because the pencil line does not support any variation in thickness.

I hope some of this helps you!