Drawing won't show up in Drawing View

I have two character layers in my test scene and for some reason, one decided not to show up today in the Drawing View. It’s there in camera view, but I cannot select it. I’ve restarted in case it was a bug, but it’s still not there. Could I have done something accidentally to change the properties of my character layer?

I should add that if I check Underlay in the preview tab, I can see the drawing in Drawing View, but it’s not selectable.

Looks like the drawing is at the Underlay level: did you select the Underlay level?

So I somehow turned my drawing into an underlay? Is it possible to turn it back into an editable drawing?

Each drawing consists of underlay, color art, line art, overlay. If you select, for instance, the line art layer, then you cannot edit the underlay, although you can see it if you checked underlay under preview. I think you should select the Underlay, through the little icon with the ‘U’, to edit the drawing…

Awesome, that worked. Can I change it back to line art, from an underlay, just to keep the file clean? Would a cut and paste onto a new drawing layer do the trick?


Exactly, you can cut and paste from one subart layer to another.