Drawing window performance vs. Camera window

Hi All,
I’m having an issue where all tools perform extremely sluggishly when in the ‘drawing’ window. By sluggish I’m talking about full 1 second delays between drawing with a brush and seeing the brushstroke appear. In ‘camera’ window the tools respond as expected and brushstrokes appear immediately.

I’m not sure what’s wrong. At first thought, I figured it was some anti-aliasing or openGL setting, but since everything is crisp and snappy in camera-mode, I think it must be something else. I’m using the different drawing layers (overlay, line, fine, underlay) in my drawing process. But since the ‘drawing’ window only show one of these at a time I would think this would make the ‘drawing’ window faster than the ‘camera’ window.

Using a macpro with snowLeapard and am drawing with a cintiq 21ux.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it’s a pretty crippling problem.


I’m also having this problem sometimes. Especially when changing colours in the palette it’s very sluggish.
But for me, turning off “real-time antialias” actually does have a dramatic impact on performance, even though it is fast in camera mode.

If I turn off “real-time antialiasing” but still use “Full Scene Antialiasing” performance is a bit snappier. (Remember to restart the application if you change the Full Scene Antialiasing settings. I’ve currently set it to 3. Works fine here, on a MacBook Pro 15" with just a 256MB graphics card. It’s not as smooth antialias as “real-time”, but at least better than none at all)

Did the antialiasing answer help you, Alamont? This is what I would suggest as well.