drawing view vs camera view

Hi, I’m gonna try to explain this with an example.
I have a face separated from the eyes. In the camera view the eyes are in the right position BUT in the drawing view they are miles away!
Why is that?

I hope that you could understand me.

Regards, Paul.

Paul there are a thousand examples of this in this forum. I too had this problem for quite some time before I got used to how things worked.

Basically what you want to do is to draw everything in the drawing view before you do any animating or scene planning etc. Start in the drawing view. Once you have it just like you want it save it in the global library.

Once your entire puppet or drawing with all of its parts is created in the drawing view, then you can start to build your puppet or assemble it in Camera view.

Basically what happens is once you start using the other tools to move things around in the Camera view it inherently changes their position in the drawing view.

Learn the difference bewteen the tools and don’t be afraid to start from the beginning again, especially if you are a noob like me. I have created the same puppets about 10 - 15 times and each time they get a bit more complex and a bit easier to build and keep track of.

Keep at it you’ll get there.