Drawing view shortcuts!!


Is it possible set the drawing view shortcuts for rotate in animate to the same shortcuts as ToonBoom studio ?? ( V - C )



As stated on page 60 of the TBA users manual, open the Preferences Panel and click on the Shortcuts tab. In the dropdown select “Toonboom Studio” to enable all the TBS shortcuts to be used within Animate.

Other shortcut sets available are Adobe Flash (default) and TB Harmony/Solo.

Thanks for your reply.

Ive got the preferences set to Studio and was expecting to be able to do my usual C and V shortcuts for the Drawing view rotations. Toonboom animate ( set to studio shortcuts ) gives me Ctrl + Alt , just to activate the Drawing view rotation disk and then with my stylus I have to manualy rotate the view !!<br /><br />Can I set the Drawing view rotations shortcuts to C and V ?? I havent been able to figure it out !!!



You don’t have that option in Animate. I think you refer to a rotation 15degree clockwise or something like that.

Hi Steve,

Thats exactly it. Its a shame if I can`t set this up in animate because it makes a very simple task for me very cumbersome , kinda messes up my workflow !!!

Are we likely to see this great Studio feature in a later animate release ? I love the new brush tool in animate , thats why I bought the software … but I want my beloved 15 degree rotate C + V from studio. Why lose it … after people like me have been using it since TB Studio V1.



If you go to Animate/Preferences/Shortcuts/Drawing Mode tab and scroll down to “Rotate 90 CW” and “Rotate 90 CCW” you will see that there are no shortcuts assigned to those functions in TBS mode unfortunately. To assign a shortcut key you must first click on, e.g., “Rotate 90 CW,” then click on the blank tab on the top to the right of “Toon Boom Studio” and finally click on the shortcut key of your choice to assign to that function. If you try to assign “C” you will find that in Animate it is already assigned to “Close Gap Tool” in Drawing Mode. If you try “V” you will see that it is already assigned to “Velocity Editor” in General Mode.

You can replace those commands to allow you to regain your “C” & “V” rotate functions once again if you prefer or you can duplicate them so that, e.g. “C” will both rotate your drawing and activate “Close Gap.” I haven’t tried the duplicate function so I’m not sure how well that works, but I have no doubt that replacing the shortcuts will give you what you want.

Hi guitarist,

I have tried that. Rotate 90 CW and Rotate 90 CCW will rotate a selection 90 degrees ( Drawings or objects etc ) but not the drawing view.