Drawing view quality issues

See https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/general-discussion/easy-way-to-preview-render

Harmony’s render quality while inking is worrisome.

In ClipStudio I get absolutely clean thin lines and drawing quality even when working on a A4 at 600ppi with both vector and bitmap drawing tools. even when I draw with <1px strokes. When I zoom out, the quality is retained.

In Harmony the (pre)view quality of high resolution 2k or higher is terrible in comparison. Turning on full screen anti-aliasing, which does help a bit, still pales in comparison. And even activating preview mode (blue cog wheel/flower) cannot come close at all to ClipStudio’s view quality.

I encounter similar issues in OpenToonz (which is worse for bitmaps, and slightly better for vector drawings), and again only a preview window in OT is able to show satisfactory render quality.

Anime Studio again has similar issues with render quality while working. Flash also has issues with render quality when zooming out on a large canvas. Photoshop and Krita (alpha with animation) also do a splendid job - although only viable for bitmap inking.

ClipStudio now has nice frame-by-frame animation tools, so the old argument (as mentioned in the older thread I linked to above) that one cannot compare illustration software with animation software falls flat on its face. ClipStudio renders and animates bitmap and vector layers in an excellent quality, at both low and high resolutions, zoomed in or out, and does so in real-time. Even 0.4 lines still render nicely at 4K and a zoomed out canvas.

And its vector inking tools are second to none.

Are there any plans to improve this in Harmony? If ClipStudio is able to allow the artist/animator to work (ink using vectors) in an excellent quality view, I would think it is about time that dedicated animation software such as Harmony would afford us an equal qualitative workflow. At the very least for inking.


I know is an old one but I am surprised on how no one is mentioning the questionable line quality, I noticed that instantly after having just downloaded the demo…