Drawing View Optimization in release 4?

Hoooray! Looking forward to release 4 and the upgrades, I have just one question regarding an inssue I asked about earlier.

Is the optimization for the drawing view fixed in this new release?

I discovered this issue and reported it in the post below!


I also talked about it again here:


I no longer have a GIF issue, cause I have since obtained alternative software …this optimization feature is the number 1 priority…on my wish list!!

Oh …I have one question that may be in the current release but I can’t find it.

During copy paste actions does TBS allow reverse-order pasting?

Hi Tiger,

There has been lots of bug fixes and so far the software seem to be running smoother thoroughly. This being said we will need to do a full test cycle before confirming the drawing view reacts the exact same way as the camera view.

Has for the reverse-order pasting I am not quite sure what you are talking about. Could you explain a little more?

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You mentioned …”bug fixes” …while I specifically mentioned the …”drawing-view-optimization feature”.

Your response seems a little vague, can you be more specific?

If you looked at my earlier posts, I mentioned that if I was to use a USB attached WACOM tablet (like most users) the software would work fine with the current release. With this I get great performance drawing in both the camera and the drawing view.

I have a tablet PC and I told you that it works great drawing in the camera view, but not in the drawing view. In the drawing view things slows down unbearably, and its the lack of the “optimization” feature missing in the drawing view thats causing this.

Ugo please don’t dance around this … be specific… does release 4 has the “optimization feature” in the drawing view?

Because the “drawing-view-optimization” feature is so important to me… lets forget the reverse-order-pasting request for now, I’ll talk about that later.

Is the drawing-view-optimization feature part of the bug-fixes for V4.0?

I’m just looking for a simple “yes” or “no” answer to this.


Hi Tiger,

I don’t personally know, will ask the developer team for I never encountered the difficulty you are having though they mentioned to me there was a difference.

I will let you know when I get the answer.

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Thanks for looking into this.

Remember I told you that I saw no problem myself when I use my Intous 3 wacom tablet. And I assume most users are drawing using some form of USB tablet so for many this is not an issue. If I unfold my Tablet PC to use in the PC mode, plug in my USB Wacom tablet (Intuos 3) like every one else …I get great performance.

But its in using my Tablet PC in the tablet mode that I encounter this problem. And for a while I lived with it thinking it was a problem I had to live with due to the tablet PC limitation.

However, by accident one day I drew in the camera view using my Tablet PC in the tablet-mode and saw I get excellent and consistent performance. In addition I found I also got very good performance using other application as well (Flash, gimp, sketchbook pro).

It was then you pointed out that the optimization feature was missing in the drawing view.

Try to understand my situation. V4.0 has some great new feature …and I’m excited! But to me its all for naught if I still have to struggle to draw in the software!

Yes I have my Intuos 3 but I deliberately bought my Tablet PC because I never did get use to the hand-eye coordination issue using a tablet. Using the Tablet PC is just much more comfortable!

Whats the story on this issue?

Hi Tiger,

It seems to be something related to the tablet PC. We will need to do some test here to see if we can reproduce it and investigate starting from there.

The optimization I was talking about does not seem to be related to the issue you were mentioning. I did not know at the time you were working on the Tablet PC (might have skipped that piece of info) so this mislead the investigation.



Wow …hearing this is very dissapointing.
I have been very transparent and have supplied you with all the pertinent information to you in May when I first discovered this.

The original post in this thread provided the link to that post…here it is again.


In addition I downloaded Digital Pro… not so much to try …but to see if this issue is also present with that software since its also yours.

My Tablet PC drew flawlessly in Digital Pro’s drawing view and camera view.

My tablet PC drew flawlessly in Macromedia Flash

My Tablet PC drew flawlessly in Bauhaus (Mirage) software

My Tablet PC drew flawlessly in Sketchbook pro

My Tablet PC drew flawlessly in GIMP

And my tablet PC drew flawlessly in TBS camera view

…the one place I have problem drawing with my Tablet PC …TBS drawing view!!

Sigh …here I am excited about having this thing work right with the new upgrade …and its painfully obvious from your last post …nothing is done!!

Very …very dissapointing :-[


Perhaps all hope for you is not lost, the V4 software is still in Beta testing and the test team has seen your continued posting about your drawing problems so perhaps it might be appropriate to just patiently wait for them to finish their work before you assume the worst. -JK

Well …lets hope.

I really think he was on to something earlier about the optimization missing in the drawing view for TBS.
And I feel even stronger about this since I got such great performance from their Digital Pro software.
Its a different, more elaborate and sophisticated package than TBS, but I want to think some of the very fundamentals are similar.
And drawing in the software is as fundamental as you can get.

OK …this post is about to fall off the front page.

So here I am again asking TBS tech about this issue.

Will this be addressed in release 4?

A simple …“YES” or “NO” is all I’m looking for.


Would it be possible to provide us the exact model of tablet PC you are using. So far the behavior was not noticed on any of the models that were tested but I don’t know which model you have so I can’t say an absolute yes. We will see if it was tested and if we can get one and we will get back to you afterward.



I have a Gateway Tablet PC

Model: CX200X

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition

Processor: Intel® Pentium® M Processor 740 (1.73GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache)

Memory: 1.5GB 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive: 60GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive

Floppy Drive: 7-in-1 media card reader (Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro®, MultiMediaCard™, Secure Digital™, xD Picture Card, Mini Secure Digital™, RS-MultiMediaCard™)

Optical Drive: Modular 8x Multi-Format Double Layer DVD Writer (DVD±R/±RW/CD-RW)

Screen: 14.0" WXGA TFT Active Matrix (1280 x 768 max. resolution) with Rotating Hinge for Tablet Functionality

Video: ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X600 64MB Graphics w/ HyperMemory Technology (note this a separate dedicated video card and not integrated)

Keyboard and Mouse: Full-Size Keyboard and EZ Pad® Pointing Device

Digitizer Pens: Gateway Executive Stylus w/ Continuous Sensing Technology

Now I use this machine exclusively with the power strip because I know almost all laptops under-perform when on the battery.

Gateway use Finepoint technology in lieu of Wacom’s technology.
(see here http://www.finepointinnovations.com/index.asp)

OK …so in anticipation of you telling me …you don’t support Gateway’s Tablet technology.

Just tell me why I have no problem using Digital Pro-PLE drawing in the drawing view.

Also, why I have no problem drawing in TBS camera view.

And like I said, Sketchbook Pro, Bauhaus MIRAGE, Flash, GIMP …all work fine with my machine.

Because I can’t give my machine to you …I want to think its better if you try to find whats different between TBS drawing view and Digital Pro drawing view.

Or TBS camera view and its drawing view.

I gave you the exact specs of my machine …if I can provide any more information let me know.


Hi Tiger,

First you need to be aware that Toon Boom Studio and Digital have two completely different architecture so pointing out exactly what is different would basically mean recoding the whole software. This being said I will forward the specs to our testing team but be aware that we support Wacom technologie only for pen/tablet and this also applies for the Tablet PC. This might be related to Finepoint technologie used but in any case we will see.

Next thing I am wondering is the renderer you are using in Toon Boom Studio. If you go in Edit>Preferences>Display tab could you confirm which is the active renderer (the one that is currently displayed in the drop down menu). If possible try the other one (you need to restart the application after changing the setting) to see if you get better results.

Best regards,


For sure I was expecting this type of rhetoric. And to that end I tried emphatically to head-off this bail-out reasoning.

I said many times before, for a long time, I lived with this situation believing exactly this. But when I realized my machine worked great when I draw in TBS camera scene …I felt this may not be entirely true.

And when I saw that MIRAGE, FLASH, Sketch-book pro, GIMP and now digital-Pro-PLE all worked great with my machine I became very encouraged.

Ofcourse I was never suggesting recoding, rather, your IT people must have modules indicating what each block of code does. If you look at this …maybe there is some module added or missing in TBS drawing view. In fact …forget Digital-PRO …I would first look at just TBS. Specifically TBS camera and drawing views.

Thanks… I tried this months ago. I spent a lot of time fixing the ATI technology on my machine and testing it with TBS. What worked best was employing the DIRECT 3D option in TBS. With that I get great performance in the camera view and bad/slow performance in the drawing view.

With OPEN GL I get bad/slow performance in both camera and drawing view of TBS. So I have been using DIRECT 3D.

However I played around with this again for an hour …just to be sure. And the results were the same.