Drawing View is not matching Camera View

In my Harmony Advanced there was no matching between the Camera View and Drawing View. Anyone knows why?
Thanks a lot!

Hey linhkn!

The drawing view and camera view work hand in hand but are yet very different:

The camera view will show you everything inside your scene. Drawings, peg movements, deformation, effects (some are only visible in render mode, but still seen in the camera view) and other useful animation and compositing assets.

The drawing view will show you only the drawing information. Anything created with the drawing tools or imported as an image in your scene. It will not show deformation, peg repositionning or animation, effects and so on. You will see the drawings as they have been created or imported.

I believe what you are seeing in your drawing view is your actual drawing and your camera view has peg/deformation transformation. Make sure when you are in the camera view and animating a puppet that you use the transformation tool and not the select tool to modify your art.

The transformation tool will add coordinates to your peg while the select tool (black arrow) will modify the original drawing.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Genevieve Demers,
Thank you very much for your answer. However could you please have a look at the pictures that I have uploaded? The drawings between 2 views do not match at all. It may cause confusion when I want to edit artworks in drawing view but it would be in a completely different position and size in camera view.
Please help me :frowning:

I’m thinking you probably have some coordinates on your pegs and deformers.

Try selecting all of the elements from your scene and then press Shift-R. If you have deformers inside your scene as well, with everything selected still, press the Reset Current Keyframe on your deformation toolbar.

The result in your camera view should then match the one in the drawing view. Is this accurate?

The way I see it now, you probably want what’s in the camera view to show on the drawing view, but it appears the drawings have been modified and not the pegs.