Drawing view and previews are very poor quality

Toon Boom Studio version 6:

I’ve gone through many forum posts and tried everything suggested on both but on the PC, Windows 7, Radeon 3850 graphics card, the drawing view isn’t very good in terms of quality.

On my Mac Mini the drawing view is much better quality, but on both machines, with Open GL turned on, anti-aliasing on, trying every other setting such as using Direct 3D, if you go to Play, Preview Scene or Movie the quality is horrible. It’s especially horrible if the size of the scene is small, such as 128x128, 64x64 (for use in making smaller animated sprites for mobile game development for example).

When I export the actual images the quality is ok, but having to do that to actually see what’s going on, to have a good preview, is a show stopper for me, so I’ll be using other tools.

I’ve read responses from Toon Boom as to why this is the case, which mainly sound like excuses (“Our software uses the video card for rendering…works best with NVidia cards…”). But these are poor excuses when your competitor’s products are just fine on both platforms, no matter what video card I use, and have quick, real time previews that allow a much faster, pleasurable work-flow (Anime Studio 7 and Flash have great previews, the vector graphics that are drawn on screen look good so you can see almost an exact replica of what you will see on export).

This really should be fixed for your product in my opinion, and I hope maybe in the future you do fix it. You’ve got a great product on so many levels that it’s quite a shame this one aspect seems to be so poorly lacking.

Kind regards,