Drawing view and camera View

Im drawin the drawing view of course and when i look in the camera view its upside down… and idon’t know how it happened
its fustrating because i worked so hard and its messed up and i dont know how to fix it … any suggestions

You must have 2 different layers and the one that’s upside down probably has a negative scale value. Open the properties of your layers, Shift +E is the shortcut. In the Transformation tab check that the values are at the default values ( x=0, y=0, z=0, ScaleX=1, ScaleY=1, angle=0, skew=0).

thank you so much, this happened to me before and I did the drawings over

If you move a view from which other views were projected (parent view), the projected views (children) also move to maintain view alignment. For example, if you move the top view horizontally, the front view also moves to maintain alignment because it was projected from the top view.

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