Drawing unable to go on top.

I’m working in Toon Boom Harmony 16 Premium.

Occasionally I come across this issue.

In the Top View, I position my drawing in front of another drawing, but the drawing will not physically go on top of the other drawing in the camera window. No matter where I place it.

I’d like to position a drawing ontop of all other drawings, how do I make sure this happens?

I’m sure that I’m making some kind of a mistake and that this is a quick fix.

Any advice much appreciated.

For most situations, if you don’t need the layers to have different Z values, you can just order them on the Timeline (the top layer will be on top) or on the Node View (the left-most layer will be on top).

If you want a camera move you might want to use the Top View to place layers at different distances from the camera. If you just want to order your layers, it’s probably not the best option to use the Top or the Side views.

You can also edit the Z values of any given layer in minimum increments, like 0.001 or -0.001, via the Timeline.

The layer closer to the camera should be on top of the others. There might be cases in which that doesn’t happen. The first one that occurs to me is having layers connect to, for instance, two composites set to bitmap. If you have one drawing on composite 1 and you move another drawing connected to composite 2 closer to the camera (over the drawing connected to composite 1), the drawing will not appear on top if there’s another layer/drawing connected to composite 2 to the left of the layer you’re moving, because the Z position of all layers connected to a given composited set to bitmap is defined by the left-most layer. If that is the issue, you have two solutions: 1) connect all layers to the same composite; 2) change the composite type to pass-through (click on the composite node’s yellow square and change the mode option).