Drawing tools Palette invisible


I am working with a friend who has Toon Boom Studio 5 on an iMac. When opening the software, the palettes with drawing tools and scene planning tools are not visible, even if we change workspaces.

As setup, we have an iMac and a wacom cintiq for drawing. The screens are not mirrored.

Is there a way to get these palettes visible again, because now it is quite a hassle to change tools by going to through the menu on the other screen…


Check if Color Palette in Windows menu checked.
If it still does not show, you can reset the preferences by renaming existing preferences under /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Preferences/com.toonboom.toonboomstudio5.0.plist as for the back up. And then open Toon Boom Studio so that it creates a new preferences. when it starts.