Drawing to Exposure Window

In the Drawing Window I find that I can cut and paste a Template imported from the Library. The Template appears in the Exposure Window ok. Also I can select “various ready made cut out sections of the Template”.
My question is "how do I get these cut outs to appear in the Exposure Window.
Help would be appreciated, PD

The drawing mode is managed mostly from the exposure sheet. The scene planning mode is managed mostly from the time line. The exposure sheet and the time line are directly connected. Each row in the exposure sheet is a frame and each column in the time line is a frame. So if you want to see elements from the exposure sheet in scene planning mode just be sure that you position the red frame marker on the time line frame number that matches the corresponding exposure sheet frame number. To increase exposures of elements you can add exposures for that element in the exposure sheet or you can add exposures for that element in the time line. The two are linked so these additions show in both places. The exposure sheet is the more traditional tool for planning animation while the time line is the newer digital way of planning animation. Except for effects, pegs and cameras which are scene planning centric, they show the same information just in different formats.
In drawing mode you select a frame and a cell individually to view and work on it. In scene planning mode you select frames and elements to work on them.-JK

Thank you JK for your in dept response. However what I am doing is importing from the Library into the Drawing View by pasting. The template appears in the Exposure View without any problem. I now find that the Template already has Cut-Outs which I can select as I want.
What I want to do is to transfer these smaller Cut Outs via the exposue Window so that i can then create Parent Child relationships in the Timeline between the various layers. I do appreciate that there is no problem dragging from the Library a complete template into the Timeline.
Sorry for being so long winded but all of Toon Boom Tutorials start after all the related Elements are already in the Timeline, including the Mike Ant series of Lessons in the Toon Boom “Print out Manual”.
Many thanks for your help. PD

In order to do what I think you are asking you need to take each cut out and copy it to a new element. To create a cut out character you want to have each of their parts as a seperate element in the time line then you attach each element to a peg. Then you can attach pegs to other pegs to create your hierarchy. Did I understand you question more clearly this time? -JK

Once again Thank You JK for your help,I now have a better understanding, I realise that I was not making full use of the Drawing View and Exposure Window.
Cheers PD