drawing techniques !


how can i improve my drawing skills in solo or studio , olease help me , guide me …looking for positive responce …here is 3d shot and i want its best form in 2d … ???

it’s pretty ok for a drawing (except for the missing upper lip), but as it comes to the animating, you must be aware of the 3-dimensionality of the object, even in the 2d-environment.

show us now the profile and the perspective view of this 3d object and your drawing interpretations.

man i was asking for advance drawing techniques and ur asking me something else :smiley: , anyway i used this tool for this 3d shot , check it out http://facegen.com/ …coming back to 2d drawing i think i should use some strokes and some solo effects modules …am i right going ? :slight_smile:

what for, if i dare ask? :wink:

the first question is to be answered by yourself: what do i want to achieve? or do you want me/us to tell you how to draw?


lol yeah i want to pplz to guide me where i am doing wrong , if i add strokes , will they not make the face with alot of spots …but i want to do something resemble to its orignal shading …
awais. :wink:

thanks Burton …
unfortunately i cannot see ur photo i think theres a problem with this link . ::slight_smile:

sofar this is my report ;D

Good job, Burton. You’re right, if I click on it, it doesn’t work, but if I copy and paste it, it does work. You did a nice translation of the 3D art into 2D, capturing the essence of the original.


Wow Burton yours version rox but i am missing its higher resolution size therefore i couldn’t get clearly your detail work , anyway it looks great .now checkout mine quick job , i tried to follow your steps, i used polyline tool and pencil tool no brush tool ,and strokes for shading purpose but i found difficulty while putting gradient below eyes , i know its not so good but i think it looks better then previous effort, thanksalot for feedback i will appreciate if you guide me little bit more :wink:

watch out! if you start thinking about drawing details, you could get difficulties with animating them. always check the realistic complexity of single frames, f.i. test if you can manage to put all shadows you want on all face frames in the film.
animating is not illustrating in the first place.

but don’t get me wrong: if you can do this through the whole film (regarding production time and drawing difficulty), then go for it.