drawing techniques in studio ..

i want to low opacity ( like in adobe photoshop ) of my single drawing element , i tried it by changing tint and alpha in studio but it put affects on entire document intead of single drawing elements ???

the alpha changes affect the particular color. if you have this color also elsewhere, then the changes will apply authomatically, too.

in order to have only particular elements changed, try to choose a very similar color from the color palette for the other ones.

check the color schemes part of the manual, too.

Another option is to use a color transform effect.

To do this, simply create a new element from the buttons in the timeline or from the element menu, and create it as a Color Transform Effect.

This is a lot like a peg in that you can group other elements under it (subordinate them). The keyframes can be set to change color or alpha over a period, or to keep it the same over a period.

You can do this for individual pieces, groups of pieces, or entire scenes if you wish. The nice thing is that you only do the effect once for all those elements.

yes this is a good idea , thanks :slight_smile: