Drawing Substitutions Questions

I made another drawing layer and put the original hand with pivot on that layer. I made another layer and drew another hand. How do I make sure that they have the same pivot point? The Copy to Parent Symbol Button is grayed out so I can’t copy the original pivot for each Drawing Substitution I make.

Make sure the set pivots for all frames is not selected.

My friend and I recorded this quick tip to explain the “set pivots for all frames” setting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APGkt3Bv1ls

But there is allot more to Pivots than just that. Toonboom has an excellent tutorial on pivots http://www.toonboom.com/products/animate/how-to/video-tutorials/ Chapter 51 for animate or chapter 44 for Pro.

That is the end all be all tutorial for dealing with Pivots. I wish it was around when I first opened Animate. ::slight_smile:

The issue here is clearly the drawings aren’t in the right place. Unless you fix that it will never work the way you want. They are just appearing where you drew them when you do the sub by the sounds of it.

You need to draw them in the correct position each time. You can use the onion skin to see outlines of previous and future layers to help you draw.

If you set the pivots individually then you don’t need to use the set for all. That is just a shortcut if all the drawings have the same pivot.

Okay. I’ll try this. But I see no option to set for all since it’s grayed out. Do you know why that would be grayed out?


I made about 39 drawings for my Drawing Substitution test and made them in the symbol window. I can scroll through them in the Symbol Window, but when I go back to the Stage I can only see the first in the sequence. I can’t figure out from your videos of yesterday how on earth I get the Drawing Subs from the Symbol Window to the Main Stage? I’m sorry I’m such a jerk! but I am trying and once I get this I will be so relieved. I watched both of your videos over again twice and don’t see how you get them onto the stage from the Symbol Window?

Dunno if this helps, but the better way to copy and paste frames/cells that you want to be independent from the original source is:

Edit>copy cells from…>paste special>select “always create drawings”>OK

Took me a while to figure this out…not really intuitive.

Also, just a query lluvaas, are you sure you don’t have multiple layers in your symbol? This could explain why you’re seeing duplicates. Just a thought…

Thanks. I know about this. No, I don’t have duplicates. I’m trying just to make the drawing substitutions and think I’ve found the answer.


Your quick tip on pivots is perfect!! I’m sure that will solve my problems. However, is it true that I need to set the pivots in the Symbol Window with the layers there? or can I do it on the Stage? Thanks so much for the video! I see now why my pivots move and everyone should see the video!!!

Okay. I’ll do it on a layer inside the symbol window.

This is one of the most helpful threads i’ve seen in a while, thanks guys.

It was very helpful to me too Steve! I’m so glad you got something useful out of it!


Okay so what you actually want to do is go to the next frame and Extend Exposure (this should be set to F5 unless you’re using Flash shortcuts?). THEN you duplicate your drawing. Now you should have a new drawing and you can then modify this drawing to be your second drawing.

You can indeed substitute drawings and not just symbols. Here’s how to run a simple test:

1) Create a new layer
2) Draw a 1 in frame 1
3) Draw a 2 in frame 2
4) Go to frame 3 and use your drawing substitution window to swap between the 1 and the 2.

As you can see, you don’t even have to save, the drawings are saved automatically in the library as soon as you draw them.


You can’t do it on the Stage - you need to do it on a layer inside the Symbol.