Drawing Substitutions on Symbols Problem

Hi guys!

Im animating a character with PLE and Im using Symbols for the different parts of his body. Of course, at some points in the animation I need to change the appearance of some of his body parts…

Im very new to this program, Ive actually been using it for only 3 or 4 days… (Im a Flash guy...). But from what I know, I can achieve this by entering the Symbols timeline, adding another frame, duplicating the initial drawing and changing it. Then I can exit the Symbols timeline and use the Drawing Substitutions panel to swap between the different states I have created. Now, that works fine... The only problem is that when I actually change the drawing, it... jumps somewhere else and has a weird registration point... Anyone ever had this problem?...<br /><br /><i>Heres what Ive noticed:</i><br />When I enter the Symbol for editing I see two axis (probably, like in Flash, the (0,0) point of the Symbol?...) that are close to the upper left corner of my current drawing. Then, when I change the frame, the axis... move to another part of the screen. I suspect this causes the problem?...<br /><i>...and heres what I thought I had to do:
Well, in my believing that those axis represent the (0,0) registration point of the Symbol (or the… frame… or something) I tried to move the new drawing so that the axis are upper left to it. That doesnt work...<br /><br />Any help is welcomed. Please tell me what Im doing wrong…
Thank you!

From what I can see, this problem corresponds to TB Animate, because you use symbols and this is a property of that program. Check the Animate forum where you will find appropriate responses.