Drawing Substitutions Not Available

I am creating a swf to test my hand substitutions in each position of a full turnaround. In the front view they all work, but when I drop the next position template in all I have available is the first hand drawing. I went back into each template and all of the substitutions are there and the cells are named correctly (QR1, QR2 etc), but they aren’t there when I import the template. I tried the other positions and they give me the full range of substitutions for the front view and just the first substitution on the view I just dropped in. Any ideas?

How did you create the template? When you create the template by selecting the right-side of the timeline (where the cells are) it only copies in the selected cells.

If you create the template by selecting the left-side of the timeline (where the names of the layers are) or from the Network View in Animate Pro, then it brings all the drawings.