drawing substitutions following parent

I have harmony essentials and I have a drawing attached to parent drawing, well the “child” drawing has drawing substitutions and the substitutions are overlapping in drawing mode but in camera mode when I select a the 2nd 3rd or 4th drawing substitution it is in a different spot than the first substitution which is in the right spot. I thought the idea of substitutions was when you change drawings it would be in the same spot as the previous drawing. Thanks!

Hi Rhyster2_69514 try renaming your drawing subs so they are called +1,+2,+3 rather than the default 1,2,3 - see if that fixes it.

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What you are missing here is the parent/child relationship. The child is inheriting all of the transforms applied to its parent. Thus when you add a new drawing to the child layer, it is not in the “same place” is it was when you made your original drawing. I guess as long as it working int he camera view, that’s all that matters, however if you want to create a library of easily swappable parts (a hand for example), some care needs to be taken to make sure the drawings are properly registered to each other and that they share the same pivot.

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Hope that helps!