Drawing Substitution

Hi there.

Ive recently bought Animate and I love it! However Im a bit confused with setting up a puppet.

When I for instance create a closed hand, and then in next frame I draw opened hand I can jump between those two in Drawing Substitution panel.

However when I delete the second frame on the timeline, the drawing in Drawing Substitution panel is still there. Where is it stored? How can I edit it? How can I delete it?

Just go into the library where you see the drawing substition panel and pick the frame you want it on and scrub to it and it willl appear and you can now edit it (and thus editing all instances of it).

To delete it, make it visibile in a frame as you did before then right click on the frame and on the menu choose drawing and one of the options is delete drawing.

They are all stored in the scene directory.

:wink: I love drawing substitions

This is quite logical, thanks:)

But what if after what I did in previous post I`d like to add another, 3rd substitution?

I create keyframe and paint? Will it add to the stack or overwrite the 2nd one?

Also should I convert body parts to symbols or leave it as is? Using symbols sounds like better way to manage all substitutions.

to create a new drawing just go to a new frame or on the drawing subsitition selection panel in the library pick the one with no drawing.

the painting should effect all instances no matter what the keyframes (the keyframes are more for the animate transform)

I prefer drawings, but some people use symbols. I think drawings is a better more flexible way to go.

Great, thanks for help and your time!:slight_smile: