Drawing Substituition Error and Opening Error

Hi guys i just wanna ask your help about my problem because whenever i go to > Library then duplicate drawing, after i draw the next part when i save it always this error pop up " Could not open file " C:/users/users/Documents/Chipmunksrevamp02/elements/Chipmunks_Eyes_01_Right/.thumbnail/.Chipmunks_Eyes_01_Right-1.tvg.png"for writing(png)
then i can’t save my file after that .

My second problem is that when i open my TB 15 premium a multiple error pop up -"Could not open file "C/Users/user/Documents/Newscene14/palette-library/NewScene14_Pencil_Texture_Textures/04fec228884827.tga"for writing

please help me :frowning: thank you very much in advance.