Drawing subsitution with bitmap

I’ve watched several tutorials and can’t figure this out.

How do I do drawing substitution with bitmap images???

I have a Photoshop file of a face, eyes, mouths, etc. The parts are on separate layers and grouped as follows: Face group (a. face with a nose), Eye group (a. eyes open, b. eyes closed, c. looking left, d. looking right), Mouth group (a. open mouth, b. closed mouth, c. smile, d. frown).

I am importing into Animate as Single Layer, Vectorize: unchecked, Create Symbols: unchecked, Images Load To: Separate Layers.

The layers import properly, but my face parts are on sequential cells of the same layer. How do I put those cells (the eye blinks, mouth shapes) into Drawing Substituions?

Help! :o

So all you need to do is get your face images from separate layers onto different cells of the same layer.

First, do a Ctrl+C to copy the image from the source layer.

Then, on the destination cell, do a Ctrl+B, or right-click and Paste Special. Switch to the option Always Create Drawings.

Now it should be added to that layer. :slight_smile: