drawing problem HELPPP!!!!

i just installed toon boom animate and when i use pencil or brush the drawing shows only after i have release the mouse button…even if i hold down the mouse button. I had the same problem with tbs but i fixed it by change the display from opengl to direct3d but tba only had opengl HELPPPPPP!!!

Problems related to installation / Upgrade /cross grade.
I would have mailed support.


yeah man me too… where is the direct3d tab ??? ???

It sounds like you either don’t have a supported graphics card, or don’t have the latest drivers for your graphics card. Do you meet the system requirements?


Animate uses OpenGL exclusively, you can’t use DirectX. This is why it’s stated in the system requirements to have a card fully supporting OpenGL.

If you want more info, then you can email support@toonboom.com