drawing positioning

Why is it when I move a drawing from one peg to another, it’s position changes? How can I correct this?

Whats even more interesting is the pos x, y, and z, are completely out of wack.
I have one object thats inches away from another yet one pos x is -42, while the other objects pos x is 0. Why?

Well there are keyframes on pegs, and keyframes on drawings. A peg is just a container for position information. So if you have one peg that has a keyframe on it or a translation of some kind, then when you switch from that peg to another peg that doesn’t have the same information, then of course the drawing will be in a different position.

A drawing always inherits the transformation information from its parent - in this case, the peg.

There’s also the position in the actual drawing layer. You can move a drawing layer directly with the transform tool and change its position.