Drawing Pivots on Pegs

I’ve come from using Toon Boom Harmony to using Animate Pro 2.

In Harmony, standard practise was that we would attach drawings to pegs, then enable the Read Drawing Pivots mode which would attach those different drawing pivots to the peg. All animation was done off the peg.

Is there any way to set this sort of thing in Animate Pro? I’m not very comfortable with the Symbols system and I prefer animating off of pegs rather than drawings.

You should be able to set it up in Animate Pro the same way as you would in Harmony. At what point are you getting stuck?

Add drawing layer, set up pivot points
Add parent peg layer
Drawing layer properties > Drawing Tab > Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg

Then you can also use the Network view to help the setup like in Harmony

And you can also use the Scripting toolbar to automate setting “Apply Embedded Pivot to Parent Peg” on multiple drawing layers.