Drawing Pivot vs. Peg Pivot question


When I create a drawing and set e Pivot Point for it and then put the drawing in a Peg, the Peg’s Pivot and the Drawing’s one never coincide.

Say it’s a baseball bat. In the drawing I put the pivot at the lower end of the grip. I then create a Peg for that Drawing. Now the Peg’s Pivot is somewhere else, and every time I want to rotate the object, I need to go find the Pivot and move it back onto the grip.

I read in the Guide that I need to set a Master Pivot with the Scale and Rotate commands in Advanced Animation but that didn’t work either.

I’m evidently doing something obviously wrong… but I don’t know what.

thank you for the ear

Hi ,

I am using the pro version , and i’m not sure there is much differences about setting the pegs pivots in both versions .
you have two choices , either set a pivot for the peg its self , using the rotate tool and drag the pivot to it’s new position . or you double click on the drawing layer in the drawing tab >use embedded pivot then choose Apply embedded pivot on parent peg from the drop down menu (you do this after you apply a pivot to a drawing) .
I hope this helps .

Hi Lilly and hi James

the promote pivot feature worked great!

thank you vey much,

You are welcome Josh , Glad to help :smiley:

Pivot points are different for drawing layers and peg layers. The reason is that on a drawing layer, the pivot is tied to each drawing. On a peg layer, since you can’t swap pivots, there’s just one pivot for the whole timeline. In Pro, you can promote the pivot from the drawing layer to the peg layer. Or, in Animate regular or Pro, then you can use the Rotate tool to move a Peg layer’s pivot, but it moves it for the whole length of the timeline (i.e. all drawings).

Check out this post where I broke it down before: