Drawing Performance Slowdown

I am trying to create some frame by frame animation, with the brush tool and draw top layer selected. As I rough in my drawings I start to get some real slowdowns with the brush. Yes I am working very loosely with lots of marks but shouldn’t TBS be able to handle it? I am on a mac g5 2.5 with 4gigs of ram and a nvidia 6800ultra video card, so I can’t imagine my hardware being the problem. I am on 10.4.7 as well.


Here are a couple of things you could try. The first one would be to flatten everything. Even though they are merged the lines you create might still be considered as separate and flattening could solve the problem.

The other thing to try would be to use multiple layer. When you start to put too much things on a single drawing you might encounter some slowdown since the display of the elements is made directly from the video card. By working with multiple layer (drawings) you will save a lot of ram memory for your video card.

Although, it would be good if you could send us a problematic scene so we could test it out and find out solutions. If it is not too heavy simply attach it to a message sent to techsupport@toonboomstudio.com.

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