drawing panel blank

I can see all the drawings in camera but can’t see the drawings imported from photoshop in drawing tab. i grouped all the layers individually in photoshop and still i have the same problem, even after selecting the layer i want to see in harmony. If there is any solution to this please let me know.

There are various options when importing. You will need to experiment trying each one carefully in an organized manner (scientifically) to understand what each one produces. I do not know them from memory so I cannot tell you what you did to get the result you are experiencing. I quickly threw together a Photoshop file with several layers, saved it, imported it and could see it in both the Drawing and Camera views.

you also have to name the Layers and name the background Layer, follow these instructions on the import panel, select create Layers, select Keep as original Bitmap, Import click OK, Alignment Rules: Fit, Transparency Alpha: Clamp Color to Alpha, click OK, select Images to Load: All Layer Images and Recommend Transparency: Straight, click OK, you can manually rearrange the order of the Layers after they Import