Drawing over video

Hi All –

I think this must be karma or something, since I do help desk work for a software company, and am always wondering why folks don’t get it…

I am having one heck of a time figuring out how to draw on top of an imported video. No problem importing, but the drawing tools only show up when I’ve got “Drawing” selected. It could just be that I’m so stuck on the idea of drawing right over my clip when I get to the cell I want to start with that I can’t recognize the instructions when I see them, but …I just can’t find them! :-<br />Also, is it possible to draw over the video, using it as a general guide and then remove the video itself?

Thanks for any clues!


Hi - In TBS4.5, imported movie is converted to a sequence of bitmap images, on a new element layer. As you noticed, you cannot draw on that layer; you need to add a new drawing layer to be able to trace over each frame. Once you add the new drawing layer, turn on the light-table so images on the “movie” layer appear washed-out in the background. Go to [View > Turn Auto Light Table On]. Now you should be able to draw on the new drawing element layer while seeing your “movie” layer in back -romi

You know, I saw that exact suggestion in another thread, and I tried it, and it didn’t work. And so then, I figured I must have inserted a weird step in there somewhere, and maybe I should just go try that again. So I did. And it worked.
I have NO idea what I did or didn’t do the first time! THIS time around, I went ridiculously slowly, so maybe that’s the key – take myself back to kindergarten. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you (in the extreme)!


hi guys,this is really frustrating question How can I draw over the video?need helpplease

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