Drawing over reference image

What is the best way to use a layer for image reference, then a Drawing layer over that for drawing over top of it?
I tried creating a drawing layer, and importing my reference image, but this layer doesn’t show up in the Light Table.

I remembered years ago, having to create a rectangle and fill it with a textured color to use as a reference object. I just attempted that, and am having problems getting the rectangle to be the right size, as the texture is larger than my rectangle, and scaling it stretches the image.
And now Harmony has crashed as I was messing with scaling this. So I figure I may be doing this the hard way.

Any help appreciated.


Just import the image as normal. Create a drawing layer above it and do the work in the cameraview.


Thanks Ivar,
I’m not sure why, but after flipping between Camera view and back to Drawing view, the image is showing up now.

Happy to hear that.