Drawing over an other layer


I´m not sure if I´ve choosen correct words on the subject:
I want to know if it is possible to “draw over” without getting the submittal “transparent”?
For example, I import a photo, and want to draw it´s outlines in an other layer, using the light table option. As soon as I use a drawing tool, the submittal appears more transparent - is it possible to avoid this effect?

I hope, this hasn´t been asked, but I´m not a native speaker, so I don´t know how to search for the right catchword…

Hi Tandorf

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly.

But here’s what I do:

Click on the little camera icon and turn off the light table (camera view)


Alternatively you can sketch and draw directly on the photo layer. After you’re finished drawing, make sure your drawing color is selected. Then go to the Drawing menu and click on " Select Strokes with Current Color" (Ctrl + Shift + A)
Press F9 and move your artwork to another layer.

Hello Parseh2020,

thank you very very much! That´s it. If I´d known earlier, I´d saved a lot of time…

So I don´t need to use another Software, and “now” the Toon Boom drawing tools are sufficient for all of my needs!


You’re welcome.