Drawing on screen

I was watching an animation video where the artist was using TVPaint, and he was line drawing right on the monitor screen. How is this done? Have any of you tired it? How do you like it compared to drawing on paper and scanning into the computer.


There is a cheaper PC tablet called Motion Tablet. Has anyone tired it for amination? I was thinking this would be a cheaper alternative to the Cintiq

I use a Cintiq and it is almost the same as working with a pencil and paper. The only difference is you can’t get as shape a point on the wacom pen as with a pencil but then you can’t zoom in with a sheet of paper.

As to tablet PCs make sure that the tablet has 100% Wacom compatibly, if not you will have issues trying to use it with TBS. Non-standard tablets will make you crazy. -JK

has anyone tried the new cintiq 12wx?