Drawing on background-layer without bringing it up?

Good day,
One thing, that drives me crazy right now (TBS4.5) is this:

I got my outlines on one layer and I want to fill them by painting on a layer behind the outlines while seeing the outlines on top of it.
But as soon as I start painting the active layer is displayed over my outlines, so I can’t see them anymore until I select the outline-layer again.

Is there any way to change that behaviour, so that it works just like in Photoshop, Painter, Flash,Illustrator… (you name it - any layer-based app)?

It’s really frustrating and a little hint if I’m just too dumb to find the proper settings or if I’m right to feel frustated would be appreciated :wink:



All of the drawing tools in Toon Boom Studio will automatically bring the drawing element you have selected on top since the drawings tools are simply triggering on the drawing view over the camera view (so the drawing automatically become focused on).



Thank you for the bad news :slight_smile:


There is absolutely a way. In drawing view place your ink layer above your paint layer then turn on the auto light table and you can select your paint layer and still see the ink layer above. Another way to do this is to drag your ink layer cells to the static light table. -JK

Thanks, but I did not use the lighttable-thingy, because it feels unnatural (is that possible in a virtual world?) to me.
As I said: All other mentioned Apps handle the layers in about the same way. That’s why I’m so used to it - and comfortable with.
Just makes sense to me to see the end-result immediatley after painting a stroke without having to switch layers or views. Like this: http://fahrenheit404.com/temp/top-ink-layer.jpg

TBAnimate seems to have a “paint behind” feature, that would make it feel better for me, too, but my bank-account does not agree with that :wink:

Sorry, don’t think I just want to ramble like crazy, I’m just disappointet, that TBS is not my All-In-One-App becaus I don’t like to work with the paintbucket-tool :wink: