Drawing object efficiency

Hopefully I can explain this properly…

I’m wondering, if you draw an object in Animate, and DON’T convert it into a Symbol (or whatever the Animate term is… but as reference, I mean like an Adobe Flash ‘Symbol’), and then animate it moving around the screen… is that inefficient (… in the sense that it’s storing a version of the object for each keyframe)?

In Adobe Flash, you are told to make any object that has more than one keyframe into a symbol, so it only stores one version of it (and any keyframes or duplicates of it refer to that, rather than being their own separate object)… thus creating a larger file size.

I’m wondering if that’s the case in Animate as well. I noticed that the demo guy didn’t do that (…not that a demo would necessarily be concerned with efficiency).

So, I’m just wondering if it’s good/normal procedure to make all objects that will be animated into a symbol (or store in the library… as I know that Animate has two different types of what Flash would call ‘symbols’).



The symbols in animate are shared across the project so if you plan on reusing some of the animation it will be indeed more efficient file wise to make symbols out of them. Although be aware that in Animate if you are working inside a very same drawing element you can call back drawings that were previously made and this won’t create anything new in the file structure (basically it will simply call an existing drawing regardless of it being in a symbol or not).

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