drawing line snap to

Hi - SB pro 2 - using the brush drawing tool and alt key to draw straight lines ( much better than using the line tool ) but its started a very intrusive snap-to . Ie. if I draw one line parallel to another line Sbpro snaps it on to the first line . I can’t find a way to turn off the snap to default . Any ideas anyone ?

There doesn’t appear to be any snapping option. Try temporarily zooming in to draw your parallel lines which would give you a greater separation which should allow you to avoid the lines snapping together.

zooming in actually helped a bit but the snap to is definitely there . if I draw a vertical line then try to put another vertical line next to it SB puts a line joining the top of the two vertical lines first before drawing the desired vertical line . ( all without taking the pen off the screen . ) So i end up with a narrow soccer goal shape . The snap to kicks in as I draw the second vertical line so that i actually end up with a triangle which is no good .
I think its a bug .
Shame because the alt tool for drawing straight lines is very useful . I’m going to have to go back to drawing lines using an actual real ruler on my cintiq ! Old school. that is- till the bug’s fixed .

Zooming-in further would give you more space to play with as the snapping is determined by pixel distance. Also make sure that you have the auto close gaps disabled if this is what’s joining together the line ends.