Drawing line is shifted to the left

Hi there,

I’ve just started animating with Harmony essentials.
My computer runs Windows and has got two screens.
The left one is a 27’ screen, whilst the right one is a Cintiq 22hd.
Now I wanted to start drawing and suddenly I noticed that the curor always hovers right under the pen, but the line, which I want to draw suddenly
appears approx. one inch/one cm further to the left!
I noticed that this does not happen when I use the Cintiq as the only screen.

How could I change this?

Hope you can help me, since that makes drawing almost impossible!

Thanks for your support!

Some things that can help…

Make the Cintiq the primary monitor.
Use the “Extend Desktop” option for the dual monitor setup.
Setting the main monitor to the same aspect ratio (width compared to height) as the Cintiq.

It can also help to uninstall ALL tablet drivers and remove ALL tablet
preference files. Shut down and restart the system. Downloads and
install the latest tablet driver for your model of tablet and use the
tablet utility to define your new tablet preferences. Reboot after
doing this.

In practice it can be difficult to find all tablet drivers and preference
files so it may help to do a system file search using the keywords
tablet and Wacom (independently). If you are on Windows and have
experience editing the registry, also do a registry search using the
same keywords.