Drawing Layer Versus Camera Layer

One thing I still don’t understand is when I import and image I will see it in the Camera Mode and not the Drawing Mode. Why is that? This may seem like an idiotic question, but other than when I’m animating and using cameras when would I use the camera versus the drawing mode?


I would like to add another camera quandry here: I deleted a camera in a file and then wanted to replace with a new camera because I wanted to change the keyframes/pegs and thought that would be the easiest way, but I was not able to insert a camera again. When I opened a new file I was able to insert a camera, but not in the file where I had a camera deletion. Anyone know why that happened?



go to scene menu and choose camera and hopefully you can select your camera there. If you can’t post back and we can troubleshoot.

Also make sure you add a peg to a camera and animate the peg when working.

Thanks. What I finally did was to make a new file and then I was able to create a new camera. I do click on the Animate button when I use the Camera.


You are so very helpful! thank you! there are so many details that are not so easy to find the answers to with the HELP files.

I have your answers here on my desktop and thanks so much again. Yes, they were symbols and no, I didn’t realize I had to go to Scene/Camera to select a Camera. I saw the Camera on its own layer when I inserted one, so i thought that was how to do it.

When you add a camera to your scene, it adds it, but it doesn’t automatically select it. Meaning, you can have multiple cameras in your scene, but only one camera can be active at a time. So you need to add the camera then go to Scene > Camera > and select the camera.

The purpose of the drawing view is to show drawings without any keyframe animation on them. So if you have a series of drawings, say a walk cycle, you can look at that walk cycle in place in the Drawing view. Then if you apply keyframe animation, you can view this in the Camera view. Then when you go back to the Drawing view, you can view it in place (without showing the transforms).

Drawing view is also handy for a quick preview of a single layer.

You can’t see symbols in your drawing view, so you’re probably importing your images into a symbol. Also, if you import your images as a bitmap you won’t be able to see them in the drawing view.

However if you import your images then do a colour vectorisation (or any vectorisation in fact), then you will be able to see them in the drawing view.


Always glad to be of help!