Drawing Layer seems locked


I created a new layer and made a few changes on it such as enable 3D and enable animate with animating tools. But the layer acts as if it was locked. It is not locked. but I am unable to draw on it.
Can’t use the brush or the pencil or the eraser. Only if I do it from the Drawing screen.
Here’s a video of the problem:


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Toon Boom Harmony 15 in a Macbook Pro

Ok, I found the solution, in case this helps someone in the future.
The thing is that the Z axis on the layer was changed. I did it on purpose. Bit I didn’t know it would not let you draw unless it is completely in front of the camera.
So I just set the Z axis to 0 and it worked.
Just need to make all the drawing, and move axis when everything is completed.

Thanks me.