Drawing lag for larger panning images

I love Storyboard Pro’s ability to do pans. Eg… Making a large image and panning across it. HOWEVER, for years now I’ve been trying to solve this problem : When I am drawing a larger image for a pan, there is significant drawing lag time with the brush or pencil. The lag time happens when I stop drawing and then start to draw again. It would be great to solve this as it is really frustrating. I almost consciously avoid using this great feature now. Can anyone help?

Oh and yes… I just have basic on my window… no areo.
I also have no full scene antiailiasing.
No smooth textures on vector
No mipmapping on bitmap
No support transparency
No realistic preview
No 3D functionalities

I have toon boom storyboard pro 4

Thanks for any help!! Long time suffering… lol

The larger your image, the larger your bounding box on textures. This can quickly use up your graphic card’s memory if you’re not careful. Try to avoid using textured brushes or textures/bitmaps when you do this and it should go better.

Alternately getting a better graphic card with more RAM would also improve things as would switching to a single monitor if you use more than one (multiple monitors means splitting the resources of the graphic card between the number of displays that there are).

For Windows systems stick with an NVidia GeForce card. Quadros are needlessly overpriced for features you won’t be using much with Storyboard. AMD/ATI cards generally have poor drivers for OpenGL (on Windows) and onboard cards such as those provided by Intel tend to be entry-level cards which don’t provide their own graphic RAM (or very little) but instead use mainly system RAM. Any decent gaming card that’s a GeForce card should be okay for display.

Hi rkriz,

Thanks for your advice… You hit it right on the money! I have a Quadro at the moment. What GeForce card do you recommend? I imagine there are different kinds? I will beg my boss for a swap out:)

Anything comparable to the GeForce 560ti or better.
In your situation try not to go below the 60s of the series.
(hundreds=series; tens=rank of card in series; higher is better)