Drawing inside Masks or Stencils

Is there any way to restrict Harmony’s Bitmap drawing to a selection or mask?

For example I want to airbrush some shading on a sphere and not have the stoke spill outside of the sphere. In Photoshop you would paint inside a selection or use a stencil.

I know I can mask out the bleed after the fact using the network view and a copy of the original shape, but just wondering if I’m missing something more simple.


assuming you are painting both the sphere and the shading on the same art layer that is a bitmap, you can use the Repaint Brush to only paint in areas that have been painted. Its the little brush with the plus next to it in the Brush Properties. it functions similarly to how you would Preserve alpha in Photoshop. hope that helps!

Exactly what I was looking for.

but texture will not appear then no?

Textures work with the Repaint Brush if you’re drawing bitmap. You will only colour the pixels where the texture covers other pixels. The art that you paint upon with texture can be fill colour or (another) texture. With vector you cannot repaint with texture, you can only repaint with fill colour over texture.

I think the only way to paint with vector texture over a fill colour area on the same drawing layer would be, as mentioned on a post above, with effects, namely a cutter and colour-override. You can do this as you draw, not just after the fact, but it will only work on the Camera view, on the drawing itself the texture will be all around the drawing, not just over the art you want to repaint. This could be done with Colour-Override modules isolating two colours of the same layer and a cutter masking one over the other.

Luis Canau