Drawing in the wrong location

Hi, I’ve searched all over and i haven’t saw anything yet, but whenever i’m drawing on Harmonyv14 with my cintiq it is drawing quite a distance left of where my pen is tracked on the screen. It is calibrated and works with selecting tools etc with the pen but just messes up whenever im drawing. Any thoughts or feed back would be great appreciated at this time.
Thank you

This thread might have the solution to your problem:


I’m assuming you’re using Windows.

-right click at the harmony application icon
-compatibility tab
-in settings section check: disable display scaling on high DPI settings

(from user Visualbug)

You can also check if the display (Cintiq) is set to 100%, not 125% or any other value. That might cause the misalignment.

Luis Canau

Thank you so much this was exactly what i was looking for. Very much appreciated!