Drawing in Camera View

Have you guys tried drawing in camera View?

I like the fact that when you draw say, your rough, and then create a new drawing layer to do the cleanup, then choose your brush or polyline the bottom layer gets faded away. Similar to hitting the light table.

This is cool when you are doing your roughs, but I like to do do my roughs with a a very light brush (alpha to about 70) When I go do the cleanup it is to light to see the rough.

My question is, is there anyway to adjust that, so it can be a little tiny bit darker?

I did find a solution, and that is to draw in drawing view, but I am used to drawing in camera view.

I’m not sure if I understand your problem right, but usually when I do clean-up, or choose a draft with the select tool and increase the size of the property line, or insert a new layer and create a square filled with white to simulate a sheet. This way I can see the clearly lines.

Best regards!

I should have said I am using Animate2. Did not have this (I wouldn’t call it problem) happening.

However, adding a white layer at the bottom as you suggested did the trick. Thanks! why didn’t I think of that? ???

Just select by colour then you will be able to select it without being able to have to see it and be sure you deleted it all.

Here’s how 2 Adjust How Light the Light Table thing is in Camera View:::

Edit/Preferences/Camera- Wash Background Percentage.

-0 Wash Background Percentage is darkest
-100 Wash Background Percentage is Lightest

Or click off “Enable in Camera”