Drawing in Animate

Hello. I’ve recently downloaded a trial of Toon Boom Animate for Windows Vista on my laptop, and I tried to draw with it, but I have a problem.

Whenever I try to draw something, the lines won’t show until after I either unclick, or raise my drawing pen. I tried going to Edit>Preferences>OpenGL and Drawing to fix it, but I still couldn’t see the lines while I drew them.

What exactly do I have to do to get it set so that it will show the lines while I draw them?


I have wasted a lot of time on a similar problem.
It’s not a joke, but I was drawn with the eraser… (The opposite side of my pen).

Turn my pen has fixed the problem.

Hi there

I know it’s quite some time since your initial post but did you manage to figure out the issue? I’m experiencing the same problem and unlike the previous suggestion, I’m not using the other end of the pencil! Like you, I can’t see the lines I’m drawing until I release the pen from the tablet ie I cannot see the lines while I’m drawing them. Any suggestions from anyone?


Hi nbz1978

I don’t know what this is but you could try to eliminate what also can cause lagging or late update in some situations.
You should make sure you are not working in the camera View with the render mode on. Hoover over the symbols in the down left part of your camera window and stop over each til they show in written what they are. Choose Open GL View.

If this is not the case and it also happens in drawing view go to the top menu Animate -Preferences -Open GL and uncheck Real Time Antialiasing if checked. Just to see if that will solve it.

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Hi guys
I know the solution :slight_smile:
Disable the Aero theme in windows Vista.
That should do the trick!!

Well on Vista, the first thing I would try is turning off Aero on the Desktop. Right-click on the Desktop, then select Personalize, and switch the theme from Aero to Basic.

Then I’d also try making sure you have your tablet driver installed, and try deleting the tablet preferences from the Preference Utility. Try both of those, and restart the app.

If this doesn’t help, contact support@toonboom.com


It happens!