drawing, how do I see all my layers, without the light table

Hi guys,

another newbe i’m afraid
I’m drawing a character using the light table.
So everything is on different levels. How do I view my drawing so you can see all the layers without the light box on? obvisouly after the drawing is complete I need to view everything without the light table and have things on different layers.? I know this is easy stuff but advise would be grateful. hope you can help

There are three methods for viewing multiple drawings and / or multiple layers in drawing view. Onion Skinning is used to allow you to view multiple cells in the same element. The Auto Light Table (L) is used to allow you to view multiple elements (drawing layers) at the same time. The Static Light Table is used to allow you to selectively view specific cells and layers without respect to the current frame on which you are drawing. Of course you can use all three concurrently so that gives you a lot of flexibility. You also can “hide” elements in the exposure sheet to reduce clutter and to not have to view layers that you don’t want to view while viewing layers that you do want to view. If you want to view all layers without any light tables you need to switch to Camera View where all layers are visible unless they are unchecked in the timeline track label list. -JK

cool, thank you very much