Drawing Grid breaking up

Problem: The images I am drawing are responding very slowly: I draw an object and 3-5 seconds later a portion of the drawing appears within the gridded drawing area. It is very annoying.
A second related problem: When switching between layers in the timeline the images begin to “tile”. Again there is a long, long lag time (5 seconds or more). I might see a 1/12th of the total grid image change when I switch between layers. Very annoying.

It has happened several times. I am TB user for 3 months.

Oh yeah: I am using TBS 5.
Computer: Intel (R) Core TM2. Intel Core Quad. 4GB of memory. 64ibt OS.

Same pb here with the demo of TB 5.

The pb disappear if I use the Direct 3D engine and not the OpenGL…

After no response from the Moderators I plowed forward. The ToonBoom Studio drags after creating 5+ layers. The more work one completes on a project the slower TBS is able to switch between views and layers. It’s as if TBS needs to cache the image periodically (=slows repsponse considerably) and if you wait the 10 seconds the image will appear properly.

My worst idea is that there is a memory leak that uses more and more ram over time. I know that iStopMotion had a memory leak problem earlier in the year.


It might be the way your elements were designed so far. Be aware that using pencil/line/ellipse/rectangle will be overall heavier then using brush. If you have a change (once the artwork it settled) you should clearly convert everything from Pencil to Brush (in the tool top menu). Otherwise, without seeing the actual project it is hard for us to define what is going on. You may want to contact the support department about that.

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