drawing filpped vertically


can someone please help me, my drawing on single layer are flipped vertically… its happening without me doing anything to that layer

that drawing only look flipped on “camera” view… but not in “drawing” view, it’s just like works of peg… yet there’s no peg, no black key frame made on layer, and position, skew, and scale looks fine…

anyone know what happening, I attach pint screen here

I using toonboom harmony 15 advance


I manage to replicate the behaviour, so the inverse steps would be:

First right click on the exposed drawing in the timeline and click on “Flip Y”.
Then in the drawing view or in the camera view, right click and cick “Transform / Flip Vertical”.

For me everything return to a normal behaviour.

Hope it helps.


In addition, check the camera peg if there is any for the scale if it is set to -1 for Y. There is a shortcut to flip horizontally or vertically using 4 or 5 by default which might have been pressed accidentally?