Drawing Dots

Is there an easy way to draw dots with the pencil tool?

when I click down i have to move the mouse a little to get the dot which sometimes doesn’t result in a dot. (note: i am only using a mouse)

I hope this might help…

Animate 2 now has a text tool. Just use the text tool to create your dots…break apart so that it becomes ordinary drawing item in your drawing view (or camera view). You can now freely modify that item.

Good tip there, also I think you might find some nice fonts that can get the perfect dots .

yeah but that is too much work, i just want to draw dots (easily and quickly, sometimes they might be short lines intentionally so it isimportant i have the control).

If i zoom in it is much easier to do it.

There must be a way to force it to draw on click.

Are you using a tablet or a mouse? When I use my tablet, I am able to draw dots without moving the pen, however I have to press sufficiently hard for the dot to register. Perhaps you aren’t pressing hard enough?

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Probably the only one around here, but mouse (i said that in OP ;D)

well im not 100 percent sure what ur trying to do , but I know Tvpaint has a draw dots tool, so u could animate string of dots quit easily, and then bring it back to Animate, and vectorize the dots. Thats whats I would do .
Lol but ofcourse im not suggesting to get a whole nothing software just for that one thing, oh wait…maybe I am lol

Anyway im sure Lilly’s way will work out.

i am trying to draw dots to use as particles :slight_smile:

and sadly Lilly’s advice is only for a tablet not a mouse.

What if you draw a few dots (or one) carefully and then use the selection tool on the one or more dots. Copy the dot(s) (CTRL-C) and then use paste (CTRL-V) and move the one or more dots where you want them.

I don’t know, might not be the best solution, but you could use one hand on the keyboard doing paste and the other hand on the mouse moving them in a fairly quick manner.

ya that is my current plan, but i thought there might be an easy way to do it.

Ack I’m sorry that I missed that! Sometimes when you read so many posts in one day…

In any case, let me do an experiment regarding creating dots with a mouse and I will get back to you.

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Okay so I investigated this one. Here is the issue - a pencil line is defined by a start point and an end point. For this reason, you can’t simply have one point (a dot). Even if you just move the mouse (or pen) minutely, then it creates two end points really close together, and it looks like a dot but still has two points.

It’s actually easier to draw the dots with the tablet, because with a tablet you almost always get an infinitesmal move (drag) so it will create two end points even though it looks like a dot.

It is not possible (logically) to have a pencil line that has zero length.

For this reason, you might be better off drawing your points with the brush tool. The brush tool is defined by its contour, instead of its centre points, so you should not have a problem drawing dots with the brush tool.

Hope this helps.

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thanks :slight_smile:

I assumed the brush tool would be the same, plus i don’t use it much since I use a mouse.

raider, what’s the issue with using brush tool with a mouse? lack of control?

there isn’t really an issue, I just create using the contour editor.

I generally just start with box, adding points as i need them. I find for me that works really well. It is forgiving and suits my need to constantly tweak drawings until i like them.

thanks. the getting started guide and kickstart videos recommend using shapes versus the brush. i guess that’s because the shape is lighter. i hadn’t been doing that because i like the rougher shape and my scenes are not very long. i’m going to give it try because it seems to work pretty well for others.

The videos aren’t really intended to recommend. They recommend using symbols for cutout characters and I feel using drawing is a much more powerful and flexible way to go.

It should more be looked at as an option.

For some objects you will find the box method you can create them superfast. You should definity give it a go.

It is also totally awesome if you have a sketch you imported in and your tracing over it.