Drawing disappears on every frame in the timeline but the first??? Do I have to Copy and paste my drawings on every frame?

Hi I just started and as I’m watching tutorials on bone rigging etc. I have noticed a major difference in the way my program functions. As the tutorial givers are animating, no matter what frame they go to, their drawing remains on the screen. They then can manipulate the drawing into a new position and move on. The only way I have figured out how to animate is to copy and paste the character through every frame and I know this isn’t a problem others are having so I am extremely confused. Is there a command to make your current drawing ubiquitous throughout the timeline so you can just alter it in certain key frames? Any help at all would be appreciated.

Harmony 12 uses exposure sheets to expose drawings at a given time, across single or multiple frames, You need to ensure the drawings are Exposed across the timeline as far as you want them to be. to do so you should select the layer you want to display, navigate tot he end point you want it to stop displaying, select that frame and hit f5 to extend the exposure, then you can add bones, deformers, or even additional drawings for any style of animation you want.

Thank you so much that did the trick! Is there any way you could help me with exporting this character including bone rigging pegs into other backgrounds? I have a guy all rigged up and a background in a different file and I want him in that background! Blegh so many questions with this software! Thanks for your help though.

You just need to make a template of your character and
import the template into the new project with the
different background.