Drawing disappears on every frame in the timeline but the first??? Do I have to Copy and paste my drawings on every frame?

Hi I just started and as I’m watching tutorials on bone rigging etc. I have noticed a major difference in the way my program functions. As the tutorial givers are animating, no matter what frame they go to, their drawing remains on the screen. They then can manipulate the drawing into a new position and move on. The only way I have figured out how to animate is to copy and paste the character through every frame and I know this isn’t a problem others are having so I am extremely confused. Is there a command to make your current drawing ubiquitous throughout the timeline so you can just alter it in certain key frames? Any help at all would be appreciated.

Click on the Drawing layer in the Timeline window. If you have created a drawing on the 1st frame, you just move the red slider of the Timeline window to the right as far as where you want the drawing to be extended and click on the keyframe position (the rectangle in the Timeline). Then click F5. Now each frame should contain the drawing. To make changes that appear as animation you turn on the Animate button. Each change you make will automatically create a Keyframe on the frame you are making the change. If you don’t do this every change will effect all drawings in each frame.

on the timeline and select Exposure Extend Exposure to however many Frames you want to extend it or use keyboard shortcut F5 as Ampy0oo mentioned, and if you want to draw each frame click Control G to make a new Cell, make sure you have Show Onion Skin turned on so you can see a lighter version of the previous Frames, when the red marker plays on the Timeline it has to have an image under each frame to show a drawing on the screen or it will appear blank

Both you guys rock some serious socks!! That worked perfectly thanks! Now is there any way I can move a rigged character intact to another file?

save it into the library as a Template to keep reusing it, here is the video explanation https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials/video/harmony-11-how-create-templates